The Adventures of the Sensokids is a FUN and INTERACTIVE book series designed to encourage children to EXPLORE their SENSORY POWERS.

The first book in the series “Oh Messy ME” Follows Nora, a little girl with difficulties exploring her TOUCH sense. After singing the magic song and doing the magic dance, she calls on the Sensokids for help. The Sensokids use sensory integration treatment strategies in play based activites to help Nora become more aware of her touch sense. Each book in the series introduces a new character and a new sensory related concern.

Dr. Reema Naim


Dr Reema Naim was born and raised in London, England and moved to California to pursue a career in health sciences. She attended the University of Southern California where she completed her bachelors, masters and doctorate studies in psychology and occupational therapy. Her love for animation and creative nature gave birth to the SensoKids; four lovable sensory characters whose role is to educate clients and families about occupational therapy and the sensory systems we work with.

Dr Naim recieved her SIPT (Sensory Integration and Praxis Test) certification shortly before opening OT Studios, Inc and became a CAS (Certified Autism Specialist) to expand her knowledge and passion for working with sensory integration. She currently oversees the business and is working on expanding the SensoKids brand!